As an independent, family-owned and operated company, we provide janitorial services in Edmonton, and are proud to offer our clients the following:

  • Experience – we’ve been working in the capital region since 2006.
  • Uniqueness – Edmonton is unlike any other city in the province, and we understand the unique challenges and rewards of operating here. From keeping spring’s mud off the floors and salting the doorstep in the winter to rolling with the highs and lows of the oil market and keeping allergens at bay when flowers burst into bloom, our cleaning services account for everything that makes Edmonton…Edmonton!
  • Environmental responsibility – The Cleaning Command is committed to using the most effective green products on the market.

Environment: Our Green Products

Using eco-friendly products is healthier for our staff, our clients, and the environment. From HEPA-filtered equipment to reduce dust and allergens, to innovative green cleaning products, our commitment to environmental responsibility is part of how we promote 360 degrees of health through clean, safe environments. We always use leading eco-friendly products wherever possible.

Who Are Our Clients?

The Cleaning Command provides commercial cleaning services for:

What Are Our Specialties


It is not only our responsibility, but our duty to ensure our workers leave the work site safe and healthy each and every day.

We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility and we expect that every one of our employees be committed to the same high-standards of safety that we demand of ourselves. We know that the difference between being fully committed and not fully committed to a job can be measured by injuries, and even lives! To this end, The Cleaning Command makes every reasonable effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our staff, both here in our office and on every job site.