1. Touchpoint Cleaning Checklist

    Touchpoint cleaning services in both your home and your workplace have hugely increased over the years and our team of professional cleaners at the Cleaning Command are proud to offer this service in our janitorial cleaning services or our one time cleaning visits! What is touchpoint cleaning and sa…Read More

  2. What to Look For In Move Out Cleaning in Edmonton?

    When you’re searching for a professional move-out cleaning service near you, it’s important to consider multiple factors when making your decision. Not only should you be searching for a local cleaning company that provides thorough cleaning service, but you should also be looking for factors su…Read More

  3. Edmonton Condominium Cleaning

    Finding a reputable local cleaning company that provides consistent results can be a challenge for Albertans. Thankfully, our team of professional cleaners at the Cleaning Command are here to battle this stereotype with our premium condominium cleaning services! Consistent, reliable, and thorough, o…Read More

  4. Professional Cleaning Services From The Cleaning Command

      What kind of Cleaning Services does our local cleaning company provide? The Cleaning Command in Edmonton is a Veteran owned and operated company that loves the opportunity to work with both residential and commercial clients to tackle their cleaning projects! Our professional cleaners in Edmo…Read More

  5. Residential Carpet Cleaning Services | The Cleaning Command

    Our professional cleaners at the Cleaning Command in Edmonton often receive a number of calls asking questions about our residential carpet cleaning services. As a Veteran owned local business in the Edmonton area, we love when our community reaches out to us to get some more information on our clea…Read More

  6. Fog Sanitization

      Fog Sanitization 2020 has brought many ups and downs for the entire nation. Though some companies are having their best year yet, so are unfortunately battling the real threat of having to shut down. For those that are still open, our team at the Cleaning Command is dedicated to keeping your …Read More

  7. Cleaning For Success

    Every morning when you get ready for work, you pick an outfit that will give people a good impression of you and show off your unique personality. When you visit a client, or meet a new supplier you want to make a good first impression.  No matter how good your job knowledge, or expertise, without …Read More

  8. Carpet and Upholstery Care

    Believe it or not spring is finally here and once again it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the summer. This time of year, everyone is starting to get the house ready to sell, starting DIY renovations, getting ready for family and friends to visit, or just looking to star…Read More