1. Cleaning For Success

    Every morning when you get ready for work, you pick an outfit that will give people a good impression of you and show off your unique personality. When you visit a client, or meet a new supplier you want to make a good first impression.  No matter how good your job knowledge, or expertise, without …Read More

  2. Carpet and Upholstery Care

    Believe it or not spring is finally here and once again it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the summer. This time of year, everyone is starting to get the house ready to sell, starting DIY renovations, getting ready for family and friends to visit, or just looking to star…Read More

  3. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Properly Clean Your Keyboard

    With constant use and accumulated dirt, your computer’s keyboard could appear grimy. Not only can this affect the look but also its function. Your computer keyboard should be regularly cleaned to prevent this from happening. You should clean it at least one or two times a month. This article will …Read More

  4. Disposing of waste responsibly

    Well here we are.  Once again the time has come to sit down and talk about spring cleaning.  Yes I know, the snow is still out there on the ground and knowing Edmonton weather it will be falling out there for a while longer, and yes there is a minus sign in front of the temperature on the thermome…Read More

  5. The Art of Being Invisible

    Believe it or not, like many other service industries, we always try to become and to stay invisible. The last thing we want is to be seen or noticed. The number one rule in our industry is that “you only get noticed when you are not doing your job”. If the lights are working, and the water is f…Read More

  6. Commercial Cleaning Tips

    I thought it time we put a little of our expertise out for everyone to use. Both workers and employers need to communicate and sometimes all’s it takes is having a suggestion on how to change things. For the cleaners it helps keep the job/contract and for employers it save having to look for new c…Read More

  7. Safety Tips For Professional Cleaning Workers

    Safety is one of the prime concerns in the cleaning industry today. Workers who perform the cleaning process are often exposed to dangerous chemicals and tools without having the amenity of a safety apparatus. It is widely known that cleaning workers are more prone to injury than workers in other pr…Read More

  8. 6 Must-Clean Areas And Items In Your Home

    As you might already know, infectious pathogens such as the flu virus spread faster than any other living organism in the air we breathe. Whether it is you or your loved one in your house who is sick, there is always a high chance that the next person will get it. That is the main reason disinfectio…Read More

  9. Go Green: Benefits of Switching to Green Cleaning Products

    Go Green: Benefits of Switching to Green Cleaning Products It can be difficult to spend a lot of time on cleaning when living in a fast-paced world. Life gets busier, the schedule gets tighter and we get stressed trying to manage everything. It is easy to grab a flashy bottle, which claims to clean …Read More