While it is obvious that keeping our environments clean is essential to good health and comfort, office cleanliness is critical to the success of your business. While it may seem to be a fine detail, office cleanliness plays a great role and it can be the thin line between success and failure of your business. In this article, we will explore how a clean office can benefit your business.

A Healthy Workforce

One of the main reasons why your office should be clean at all times is that you will have healthy employees. An unclean and dusty office is a home to germs and bacteria that cause illnesses. This translates to your employees taking days off to seek medical care. In extreme cases, when a sick employee shows up for work, he or she might infect the others leading to major losses. By keeping a clean office, you get healthier employees, fewer illnesses and less sick days.

Great First Impression

A clean and well-organized office gives your visitors, potential customers, clients and even your supervisors a great impression. It gives them the idea that you really know what you are doing which opens the door to several business opportunities. On the other hand, dirty bathrooms, littered parking lot, filthy stores and a disorganized office is a complete turnoff to potential customers, which means lost opportunity.

Improved Business Productivity

A clean and well-organized office is a fertile ground for higher productivity and performance of employees. Imagine the work hours lost when an employee is trying to find a misplaced document? On the contrary, it takes no time to locate a document in a clean office. The employee in question can become angry if he or she takes a lot of time to find something too, which lowers their productivity level. By keeping a clean office, you are assured of optimum performance from your employees.


A well-organized office is a safe office. The paths are clean and dry, working equipment is where it is supposed to be and there is no clutter. On the contrary slippery or sticky floors and disorganization are all factors that pre-dispose your employees to office accidents.

Happier Employees and Enhanced Workflow

When the office is clean, the environment is conducive to allowing employees to focus on their tasks at hand. It also encourages cooperation between the employees as it sets a professional tone. Business flows smoothly as equipment and documents are easily handed over from one desk to the other. On the other hand, a dirty office reduces the happiness levels of employees, bringing about rowdy tendencies.

Your Business Runs Smoothly

In some industries, office cleanliness is a standard requirement by the government and failure to abide by the standards can lead to your business being closed. In such cases, the process to have your business re-opened is a lengthy one, which will hurt your business. You will lose a lot of revenue along the way and lose customers as well as their trust. In offices dealing with restaurants, shopping centers, and theaters, the highest levels of cleanliness should be observed.

A clean office is a powerful tool for success in your business. It is a viable idea to hire professional cleaning services to provide intensive office cleaning. A clean office means more profit! Schedule a time to speak with Cleaning Command to see how we can assist with all of your cleaning needs!