You’ve been waiting all year for the summer to come.. but only if those kids happen to be away at camp and you’re able to fully relax. As many parents know everywhere, your living space can get a lot crazier with those kiddos at home all day during the warmest season of the year. How will you survive the consistent noise along with messes about every two seconds of the day? Don’t fret. We have some simple cleaning tips just for you, my dear.

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1. Set a goal to keep the home free of clutter

When we have tons of items spread throughout the home, there are more places for allergen and dust particles to settle. Get a head start with the “stop clutter” process as soon as possible. Teach young children to put away all of those dirty clothes in the correct receptacle as well as their toys in the proper toy box.

2. Set a rule for washing hands daily

Make sure everyone is washing their hands with both soap and water that is warm. This will help keep everyone healthy and fend off germs. You don’t want anyone sick. Plus it gives you more time to enjoy that beautiful sunshine while the kids are playing outside, illness free.

3. Keep those shower doors and curtains open

Why leave them open? So the walls of the shower will sufficiently air dry. Using a spray for the shower will also help alleviate mold and mildew from potentially growing.

4. Ensure the whole family is cleaning up the floor as they go

Try to clean up little food scraps and crumbs as soon as possible. Wiping up spills right away will prevent any damage and also help family members from falling and hurting themselves.

5. Look for stains on clothing and treat them ASAP

If you treat clothing articles right away, there will be less items in the old rag pile. Gently dab any stains with cold water once you see them and as soon as they happen. It’s best to keep a stain remover too for quick fixes.

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