It’s the cold a flu season once again and staff members and customers are always coming into the office with the sniffles or a cough.  It doesn’t take long before everyone is coming down with something.  Not only are workdays lost to sickness, but morale suffers when everyone is under the weather.

Did you know that some viruses that can cause a cold are able to survive indoors on hard surfaces for up to seven days, although their ability to cause an infection quickly drops, often surviving less than 24 hours?

Most viruses which cause colds only survive on hands for a short amount of time. Some last for a few minutes but 40% of rhinoviruses, a common cold-causing virus, are still infectious on hands after one hour. Flu viruses that can be transferred to a person’s hand and cause an infection can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours.

You’ve done your part, you hired professional cleaners to keep down the dust and dirt around the office, clean and sanitize the washrooms and make sure the office is clean and healthy for both the staff and customers.   But now how do you help stop the spread of the flu or the common cold during working hours?

Health experts around the world will tell you that the best defense against germs and viruses is to wash your hands.

The Cleaning Command always recommends that our clients set up hand sanitizing stations around the office and encourage both staff and customers to use them all the time.

If not sanitizing stations then another way is to purchase small individual bottles of hand sanitizer and make them available for staff and customers.  Place a box of them on the reception counter or by the main door.  Purchase ones with your logo on them and use them as a marketing tool as well as a way to keep your staff and customers safe and healthy.

Post signs on the bathroom doors and in any lounge or kitchen area asking people to remember to wash their hands.

When staff are finished with customers and have handled display objects, make it a policy to have them quickly use a sanitizer to clean their hands.

If staff and customers have easy access to sanitizers they will use them, and the cleaner a person’s hands are the less likely they are to spread germs or viruses.  They are also less likely to catch colds or flu’s if their hands are constantly clean.

This is a quick inexpensive way to help keep your workplace sanitized and help your staff and clients stay healthy.