It always amazes me that so many people let their carpets go for years before having them professionally cleaned.  They will have their car looked at and maintained yearly, the furnace maintained and ready to go for the winter, or fix, repaint and repair the deck or fence as soon as it starts looking a little worse for wear.  They will even patch up the holes on their favourite jean, (if they didn’t buy them with the holes already there), but they don’t seem to think the same TLC is required for the carpets in their home or Condo. More on carpet cleaning.

Even though carpets take a great deal of use and abuse throughout the years they usually hold up well.  They are walked on with shoes, boots and socks, walked on by cats, dogs, and other household pets, small children crawl on them and food, drinks, and a host of chemicals get spilled on them.   Yet many of our customers, especially first time customers, often leave the carpets of three, four or five years, and sometimes much longer before calling us to come and clean.  Often a special event, like a wedding or Christmas with the in-laws will prompt a cleaning.  Otherwise a good vacuuming is the most many people do to keep the carpets clean.  Don’t get me wrong carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week, including the stairs. But vacuuming them is not the same as professional cleaning them.

Now even though most carpets are of a good quality and with a little maintenance will hold up for a long time they still collect and hold dirt, chemicals and allergens.  The best way to not only clean the carpets, but maintain them for a long time and keep them and your home healthy is to have them professionally cleaned at least once a year.

At EKO Carpet and Upholstery Care we use all-natural, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic cleaning solutions that will not only clean your carpet, but help remove the allergens from you carpet and home and because there is no soap or chemicals in the carpet cleaner will not leave any chemicals in your carpet.

So if it’s been over a year since you had your carpets cleaned then it’s time to call EKO carpet and Upholstery Care at 780-486-1022 and get your carpets professionally cleaned.