When you’re looking for a janitorial service you want a company that is going to look after your interests and do the job they are being paid to do.  Too often service companies lose sight of what it is they are supposed to be doing and the job doesn’t get done properly.  Employees mail in their effort, doing the minimum to get by and not taking the time or making an effort to go above and beyond.   The Cleaning Command is a commercial janitorial service that knows its roots, knows what it’s like when the money you spend seems to be thrown away on poor service and lousy results.

Our motto, Quality Service & Major Results wasn’t something we found on line and thought it had a great sound to it.  It came about because we too hate the idea of getting poor or incomplete service for our money.  Like your company we have a budget and we have to make that budget work.  We can’t throw our money around like it didn’t mean anything.  Like any other company we want to provide good service to our customers and want the same in return.

Because we think that way, we ensure that everything we say we are going to do, we do! We do it to the best of our abilities and we ensure that our customers are happy with our service.

We constantly check with our clients, support our technicians in the field and look for methods and products that will help us continue to provide the best service at the best price on a schedule that works for you.

Call The Cleaning Command, 780-628-4344 and let us look after your cleaning problems.