For most small and medium sized business in Edmonton, finding a janitor is not very high on the priority list of things that need to be done and money spent on.

Most businesses can convince an employee to stay late once or twice a week and vacuum, empty trash bins and other assorted duties for a few extra bucks a month.  Or the owner, especially one who owns a small business will do it themselves. 

Of course the main reason for this is cost. Many small or medium businesses can’t afford to pay for a full time janitor position and often don’t want to outlay the monthly cost of a janitorial service.

What most business owners forget is that it is often cheaper to hire a janitorial service than to get an employee to do the work or to do it themselves.  After all, how much detail is a going to be put into cleaning the communal bathroom, by an employee looking to make a few extra bucks? 

Let’s start with the fact that almost ninety percent (90%) of contagious diseases are spread by touching unsanitized surfaces.  Can you say that you or your employee knows what products to use to clean and sanitize?  Dust or pet hair brought in by other employees can often trigger an allergic reaction.  How many employees will call in sick because of allergic reactions, cold, flu or worse?  How many man hours are lost, how much productivity is lost because of sickness.  With employees constantly calling in sick, maybe a janitorial service would be much more cost effective. 

At The Cleaning Command we can perform all your cleaning and if needed sanitizing and help keep your office or store clean and healthy.  We can help alleviate your cleaning problems with a package, schedule and price that will suit your needs.   Once a day, once a week bi-weekly, nights or weekends, we can sort out your mess and help provide a clean healthy worry free work environment for your customers and staff.

For quality, professional cleaning and janitorial service, call The Cleaning Command.