When you’re looking for a commercial cleaner you need to look beyond just the one or two things that have to be done on a regular daily or weekly basis.   Experienced, professional commercial janitorial services will do much more than just clean.  Most small mom and pop shops will clean your commercial space on a regular basis, and for the most part they do a great job.  What the small one and two man companies don’t do is all the extras.

They may sweep and mop the floor, but can they strip and wax the floor or clean the carpets using an extraction cleaning method.  Do they have their own equipment and know how to work it or do they rent the equipment and hope they are using the right product and the right system.  Or are they charging you more than you should pay because they had to hire out the work and then added a fee to their cost before invoicing you! 

Do they have the safety equipment and training to work on anything above two feet?  Do they have first aid or medical training?  Do they know the properties of the products they use and the first aid remedies?  Are they covered by WCB? 

Often janitorial staff are part-time workers, many working under the table.  If someone like that was hurt working in your commercial space, what would the consequences to you be?  How would it affect your own insurance or WCB?  Is the company even licensed to do business in Edmonton?

When looking for a commercial cleaning company these are things to take into consideration.  Always ask for a copy of their insurance, and make sure it is good enough to look after all contingencies.  

The Cleaning Command is an experienced commercial cleaning company that can clean your industrial, retail or office space in a professional, expert manner.  We carry five million dollars in liability insurance, our employees are all coved by WCB and trained on every piece of equipment they use.  Not only can we sweep and mop floors, dust desks and counters, clean and sanitize washrooms, and public areas, but we can provide experienced professional services like carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing floors and much more on an annual or semi-annual basis.

When you hire The Cleaning Command you hire a company that will not only clean and sanitize your working area, but will ensure that all the little details are looked after.