Most of us don’t know what kind of cleaner our janitorial staff is using and for the most part they don’t care what it is.  In other words if its clean and they didn’t have to do the cleaning then they’re happy.  Most of us only care if the cleaners smells too harsh or leave a residue on supposedly clean surfaces.

As I have stated on numerous occasions, ninety percent 90% of contagious diseases are spread by touching unsanitized surfaces.  The Cleaning Command uses the best environmentally friendly cleaners we can find on the market today, as well as using cleaners that not only clean but sanitize as well.  We focus on cleaning every surface and sanitizing them so that your staff and customer are presented with a safe healthy work environment each day when they come to work.   To us it makes no sense to clean a bathroom, wash and sanitize the sink, counter top and even the toilet, then not sanitize the door handles and other areas that many people touch throughout the day. 

And remember, a healthy clean work environment helps boost the morale of your staff, creates a great first impression with customers and helps increase productivity in a scent free, allergen free environment, and reduce absenteeism due to colds, flu’s or migraines due to allergens.

Call the Cleaning Command today and let us help get your work space as clean and healthy as it can be.  780-628-4344