Candles might spread a heavenly odor all across your home and light up your rooms with its soft, flickering radiance, but they can be detrimental for your hardwood floors or carpet. Even if you try your best, you will not be able to prevent spilling of some wax onto the flooring of your abode when you light candles. However, there’s nothing to worry about as those wax spills can be cleaned easily in just a few steps.

How to Remove Wax Spills from Carpets?

The job of removing wax spills for carpets can be a simple process if you begin the cleaning procedure promptly after the incident takes place. If you delay cleaning, the carpet might get damaged permanently. Before initiating the cleaning process, gather the items mentioned: Iron, white towels (you’ll need several of these), spoon, scissors, butter knife, a bowlful of ice cubes, and a heavy duty carpet cleaning agent.

Step 1: Your first job would be wrapping the ice cubes in the towel and gently compressing the area suffering the wax spill. This will harden the wax. Make sure you don’t apply excessive pressure as that might force the wax to get deep inside the fibers of the carpet. Next, you will have to scrape away the hardened wax gently using a butter knife. Here also, being gentle is a must as forceful scraping might fray your carpet fibers; and if there are any frayed fibers, trim them using the scissors.

Step 2: In this step, you’ll have to remove the wax that you couldn’t remove by scraping. Begin by plugging in the iron; the iron should be in its “high” setting for helping you complete this step perfectly. When waiting for the device to heat up, take a towel and dampen it. Fold the wet towel in two and cover the spill with it. Once your iron is ready, place it over the towel, and wait for 10 seconds. Keep repeating this process using fresh towels until the wax is entirely removed.

Step 3: In this step, you’ll have to apply the heavy-duty carpet cleaner. Spread the required amount of carpet cleaner on the affected area of the carpet. Now, use the flip side of a spoon to push the cleaner to enter deep into your carpet. Allow the cleaner to sit for some time, (check the package instructions to find out how long you should wait) and then rinse it according to package instructions. If the carpet still has traces of wax, repeat the application.

How to Remove Wax Spills from Other Flooring Types?

Here are the steps of removing wax from other flooring types like linoleum, tile or hardwood flooring:

Step 1: Take a spatula (if you don’t have one, use an old debit or credit card of yours) and use it to scrape the hardened wax gently. Being gentle is necessary as forceful scraping might scratch your flooring.

Step 2: If the floor still has some wax, turn on your hair dryer (you should keep it on medium setting) and use the hot air released by it to melt the wax. Wipe off the soft wax using a damp towel.


Remember, the above-mentioned steps will work only if you take prompt actions. If you start the process late or don’t want to put in so much effort, contacting a professional like Cleaning Command would be your best bet to get it treated effectively.