One of the most requested services we encounter is dusting.  Everyone is looking to have the desks, shelves, monitors and public areas dusted on a continuous basis.  Sounds like a simple task doesn’t it?  Just wave your duster around the room and move on to the next one.  Well unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.   When dusting you have to have a process in place and use it every time. 

Starting at the desk, moving up towards the file cabinet or the book shelves then the overhead light is not the way to go, but you would be surprised how many people dust that way.  

Start at the light, and let the dust that doesn’t adhere to your duster, fall down onto un-dusted surfaces, not surfaces you just cleaned.  If you think that dusters or cloths catch all the dust then you haven’t dusted too often.  While they catch a large percentage of the dust they don’t get it all.  So start high and work your way down.

Like most firms we will not touch anything on a desk.  If a paper is on the keyboard then we don’t move it.  To ensure that the room is dusted properly we often remind the client to ensure as much room is left open on the desk as possible so that we can clean as much as possible.  We also clean behind the monitor.  Kind of defeats the purpose if the front is clean but the back is coated in dust.  Window sills and picture frames are also dusted as part of our service.  When the Cleaning Command says its going to dust then we make sure we do it right.

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