One of the things that amazes me when talking to a customer is that they take what I say about our products to be absolutely true, and never ask again what it is we are using to clean up their work space.

Even though we pride ourselves on the integrity of our company, and try to emulate the highest standards when dealing with our customers, you still shouldn’t take me at my word.  I wouldn’t take you at yours, not for something like that.  We are using cleaners in a work space that your employees spend eight hours a day in.  You must be sure that the cleaners we use won’t harm anyone, will help clean not only the physical objects but help remove allergens and make the work environment as healthy as possible. 

We have a complete set of MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheets, for all the cleaning products we use and we offer those to the client so that they can see for themselves that the products we use have no harsh chemicals and are safe to use around their customers and staff.

I always recommend that a potential client look at the MSDS sheets for our products to ensure that what we tell them we can back up with data.   It’s easy to see if we are doing a proper job.  Just look at the work area and see if we did what we said we would.  With the cleaning products it’s a different story and a client should be able to see what it is we use, and if what we use is right for them.

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