One of the more obvious problems we encounter as professional cleaners is dirty, muddy, salt covered floors in almost every entryway and reception area we see.  Edmonton is a winter city and we spend the better part of six months every year dealing with snow and ice.

When staff and clients come into your office the first thing they tend to do is stamp the snow pack off their shoes or boots and then head off into the office itself.  What happens is that the snow melts on the entryway matt and keeps it wet.  Anyone and everyone who comes in through the front door then tracks dirt, mud and salt across the floor.  That’s bad enough if the floor is hard surface and can be cleaned with a mop, but if it is carpet, then you end up with a dirty, smelly carpet that makes the place look messy, untidy and shabby.

To counter that and to help keep your cleaning costs down, the simple solution is to by a rubber matt made specifically to hold wet shoes and boots and to keep the snow melt from getting tracked across the floor on a daily basis.  A quick trip to your local hardware store will allow you to purchase a ten to twenty dollar rubber matt made to hold wet dirty boots and shoes.   These mats have a raised edge around them that keeps any snow melt on the matt and off of your floor.

Setting one of these by the main entrance will encourage staff to place wet footwear on the mat instead of walking across the floor to their work station before changing into clean dry shoes.

If possible place a small chair, bench or stool beside the mat so that people can sit comfortably to remove their footwear.

Salt, gravel, sand and mud look bad on your floor and present a less than professional appearance for your office.  They also help to destroy your floor no matter what material it’s made from, so remember a small inexpensive matt placed in your main entrance way will not only save you money on cleaning costs, but help keep your office looking professional, help improve staff morale by keeping the place clean and neat and will also help prolong the floor itself.

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