Last week I talked about some of the ways that viruses and flu bugs can slow productivity with your staff.  Now I want to concentrate on some of the other areas that often require a bit of out of the box thinking on our part.

General areas, those open spaces throughout the office or commercial space, are the first impression that people get of the business and are what the staff sees in great detail.  Dirty, grimy, worn out or dusty public spaces, and general areas can do more to harm staff morale and generate a poor first impression of your business than anything else.

There are the obvious fixes like vacuuming and sweeping the floor, mopping the hard surfaces and emptying the garbage cans, but there are other ways of making those general areas look and feel clean.  Strip and wax the hard surface floors and have the carpets professionally cleaned on an annual or semi annual basis, goes a long way to keeping the office looking, smelling and feeling clean.  I am often amazed when a customer tells us that the floors haven’t been waxed or the carpets cleaned in years.  Aside from the look and the smell, imagine how much dust and allergens are coming up to disturb your staff and clients on a daily basis.

Not only can we strip and wax or professionally clean your floors but we can do it at a time that is convenient for you and your staff.

Dusting is often something not done properly or at all by cleaning professionals.  For the occupants it takes little time and effort to clean your desk and most people will maintain a clean if sometimes cluttered workspace.  Often if they dust at all they concentrate on the computer monitor and nothing else.  For our staff at the Cleaning Command cleaning the desk involves dusting the monitor, keyboard, desktop, shelves, and most importantly in behind the monitor, in that area where all the cables are, and paperclips go to die.  Getting all the dust off the workspace helps staff and customers with allergies, and also presents a pleasant, clean workspace for staff which in turn helps raise staff morale.

Washrooms are often dirty simply because staff doesn`t live there, its not there washroom and they are in a hurry, talking or otherwise distracted.   Ever go into a washroom and see the garbage can half empty, but surrounded by piles of crushed paper towel?  The mirror is always covered in spots because people splash and shake the water off their hands before grabbing one of those paper towels.  I don’t even want to get into what the urinals and toilets look and smell like.

Often the biggest problem with washrooms is that they are not cleaned often enough.  Once a week might be fine for cleaning the floor or dusting the desks but the washrooms should be cleaned on a more regular basis.  That’s an easy fix; we can set up a daily schedule to come in and clean the washrooms and leave the rest of the office for once or twice a week.   A clean washroom, like a clean work space is often very important for staff morale and should be high on the priority list of every office or property manager.

Next week I’ll finish up this series of ways to help our customers relieve their pain points.

Thanks for listening.