When we purchase a car, a pair of shoes or even a winter coat, we look at quality.  Yes we all want a good price, and are always on the lookout for a great bargain or sale but in the end we will pay whatever the price to get something that is good quality.  The same is true for services, we will pay the cost of car repairs or pay a higher wage to get a talented worker, because we need the service and we want the best bang for our buck.  

Yet it always amazes me that for most offices, condos, retail stores, and commercial spaces, when it comes to hiring a janitorial company, they don’t want to spend the money to get quality service.  I don’t know if people think commercial cleaning is a simple easy job that can be done without any problems and therefore shouldn’t cost very much or if they just don’t think it’s a worthwhile expense.  We find that our greatest obstacle is price because while they want quality janitorial services they don’t want to pay for quality janitorial services.

We gave one potential customer who was very unhappy with his current janitorial service provider a quote for the work he wanted done and he almost fell off his chair.  When he wanted me to cut the cost down to make it closer to what he was currently paying I asked him which of the tasks he wanted me to cut out of the quote.  He was quite upset that I asked that, he wanted eight hours a night worth of work done but didn’t think that it was worth paying for.

The Cleaning Command insists on paying its employees as good a wage as possible.  We pay more than the minimum wage to ensure we have quality employees doing quality work.  Unfortunately too many people want champagne work for beer prices.

If you want a reliable, experienced Janitorial service who will provide quality service, on the schedule you require, call 780-628-4344