Last week we talked a little bit about what it takes to relieve the pain points or fix the problems that office or property managers face when it comes to getting their commercial space or office space cleaned.

To finish up from last week here are a few more ways we can help out our clients.

Staff kitchens usually need a lot more cleaning than they get from the staff.  As professional cleaners one of the biggest health hazards we encounter are staff kitchens.  Many offices have a small kitchen area, where food can be cooked in a microwave, or sometimes even an oven, there is a fridge, and sink, and usually a number of cupboards for glasses, mugs and plates.

As a cleaning professional, I can honestly say that I would be willing to eat or drink out of the mugs and glasses, or cook my food in the microwave in about a quarter or 25% of the kitchens we see out there.

We find that the microwave is rarely wiped down, and if it is its often cleaned with the same rag that was used to wash the dishes, and maybe even clean the counter.  Many microwaves in staff kitchens are coated with dried food.

Many times the dishcloth in the staff kitchen does double and even triple duty.  It is used to clean the dishes, clean the sink, clean the counter top or table top, wipe up stains on the floor and sometime used to clean the tops and sides of the garbage can.

It is not unusual for us to find an old, smelly cloth sitting on the sink in the staff kitchen.  Often it is the only cloths available to clean, wipe, and wash with.   Some of these cloths have not been washed in weeks and I can’t imagine what kind of dirt and germs are on them.

Again the simple fix is to set up a cleaning schedule with the Cleaning Command.  We can wipe down countertops, clean the sink, polish up the outside of the appliances and perhaps even clean out the microwave.  Even with a staff schedule for keeping the kitchen clean, a through professional cleaning once a week can only help.

Paying for cleaning, now that can often be a problem.  Cleaning budgets are often the first thing that gets cut and no matter what people charge for their services and products, they often assume that cleaning is not worth much and they shouldn’t have to pay very much to get all these services we have been chatting about.  Well in some respects they are right.  Just like the service or product they sell the market will go a long way in deciding what the service costs.  But like anything else you get what you pay for, and cheap is cheap.  The Cleaning Command has payment plans that let you get those extras, that daily washroom cleaning, carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing the floors, without paying a large amount up front.  We can clean your commercial space, give you a cost for stripping and waxing the floors and add that cost into your monthly payment so you are hit with on big payment out of the blue.

You need those problems solved, you need those pain points relieved, talk to the Cleaning Command and we can make it happen. Every office or commercial space has its own unique personality.  The Cleaning Command has its own unique way of helping fix your cleaning problems.