Some Cool Facts About Your Favorite Cleaners

Many people hardly think of their sense of smell; of all senses, it the most unappreciated and undervalued. A recent study unearthed that a significant number of millennials think lesser of their sense of smell compared to their laptops and smartphones.

In reality, however, we depend on our sense of smell more than we realize. Nowhere is this dependence more apparent than when choosing cleaning agents to use around the home. Companies that are in the cleaning agent business have conducted numerous studies to ascertain this, and it is the main reason why most cleaning agents are scented.

The olfactory cells constantly communicate with the brain, feeding it information about things our vision might not have picked up yet. Research has already proven that smells have the biggest impact on memory. It is more difficult to forget a smell that had an impact on you more than a sound or a sight. A fraction of researchers and doctors also believe that smells have the ability to impact our moods directly. Below are three popular scents in cleaning agents and how your brain perceives them:

Flowery scents

The flower industry is among the top, booming agricultural industries in the world. In itself, that speaks volumes considering that flowers are not food crops. The rose flower scent is the most popular in the world and is widely utilized in aromatherapy. It is thought to have health benefits, which include boosting libido, and enhancing blood circulation. Besides smelling great, rose oil is also a potent antiseptic. The brain has a tendency of automatically associating flowery scents with beauty, cleanliness, and calmness.


Lavender scent

Lavender is one of the most common fragrances in cleaning agents. It is mellow and sweet yet flowery with a trace of woodiness. It is extracted from lavender bush flowers, but it is hardly directly used as extracted.

A specialist brought this to light in an interview conducted by the Wall Street Journal by pointing out that most lavender cleaning products do not actually smell like lavender. According to the specialist, some individuals do not like the smell of lavender by itself, however, most people love and are okay with scents closely associated with lavender. Cleaning companies have therefore come up with nifty, roundabout ways to utilize lavender such as fruity, woody aromas and vanilla.

Lemon scent

Lemons and limes have always had core cleaning roles in a majority of homes. Lemons, for instance, are great for getting rid of washroom odors and fish odor from the hands. Moreover, they have antiseptic properties, and their scent is among the best for many people. It is, therefore, no coincidence that many cleaning agents are lemon scented. The brain automatically associates the lemon aroma with cleanliness.

Lemon oil is also utilized in aromatherapy and is often referred to as the rational oil. Specialists in the sector believe that the oil has the power to influence decision making positively. Additionally, studies have found that lemon balm can improve memory and enhance moods.


An awesome smelling cleaner can greatly improve your cleaning experience. To be on the safe side, however, it is advisable that you purchase cleaning products produced by companies that are transparent about all the ingredients in their products.


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