With all the great weather we are getting this month everyone is starting to think about getting some spring cleaning done.  People are sorting through all that accumulated junk in the house, getting ready to send it to the garage sale, to Kijiji or just out to the trash.  Buckets and mops and wash cloths are being readied to start washing the walls, windows, floors etc .Get your office cleaning Edmonton service here.

Believe it or not offices, retail and commercial spaces are no different.  Now is the time to start thinking about doing a little spring cleaning around the office to help spruce things up a little bit.

Your janitorial or building maintenance contractor usually doesn’t clean carpets, strip and wax floors or wash walls & windows on a weekly basis.  So now it the time to have them look at getting the extra work done.

Carpets are especially vulnerable to the winter weather we experience here in Edmonton.  Lots of dirt, sand, grime, water and especially salt makes its way onto most commercial carpets each winter.  Come spring a good professional cleaning with a natural, hypo-allergenic cleaning solution will get them clean, healthy, looking good and smelling good.  Have your professional cleaners do them on the weekend and they will be ready to go Monday morning.

Windows are a huge factor in employee morale and they should be cleaned, inside and out, at least once a year.  Cleaning the windows not only helps make the place look clean, but helps brighten up the office area, letting in all that sunshine we have been waiting for during the long cold dark winter months.

Spring is also the best time to look at having the wax on your hard surface floors stripped off and replaced with a couple of coats of new wax.  Waxed floors get scuffed and scratched all year round.  Even though your janitorial contractor removes the scuff marks each day and mops and cleans it nightly, the floor still starts to look faded and worn after a couple of seasons of wear.  A bright, shiny, new looking floor will go a long way to making the office a bright, clean, enjoyable place to work.

These three things are all simple jobs, ones that your building maintenance team or janitorial contractor should be able to accomplish without a problem.  Often this work isn’t done annually because of time or budget constraints or some other issue, but for your employee’s to come to work in a bright, clean, healthy work environment is one of the best ways to keep them on staff and keep their work and production up to standard.   Don’t hesitate to look at getting some spring cleaning done around the office.  Your employee’s will be very happy that you did.