Students and teachers consider summertime a season for resting and socializing. However, for the janitorial team, this is the busiest time of the year. Summer is the perfect time to do deep cleaning in the building because there are no kids present. Though the school is cleaned every other day, summer is the opportune time to thoroughly clean those hidden places and maintain the compound in general. This is a lot of work involving many people and usually a plan is needed.

Here are some tips to help simplify the process:

Have a written plan

Instead of guessing what you have done or missed, write down everything that needs to be done and delegate each task to someone. Once they are done, go around checking off accomplished tasks.

Focus on repairs and maintenance

Before cleaning begins, all of the chairs, desks and windows that need repairs must be taken care of. Replace damaged tiles, change bulbs and repair leaking ceilings. This is also the time to paint anything that needs repainting and remove chewing gum and ink on furniture. Check that all equipment and machines are running properly and service them accordingly.

Clean up that closet

Before using new cleaning products, all the chemicals in storage should be used before they expire. Air out closets and get rid of any damaged cleaning equipment. Clean the brushes, mops and buckets and allow them to dry.

Dust high and low

Summer is the perfect time to dust the ceilings, vents and windows. Use long brushes and vacuum cleaners to blow dust off these places. The air conditioning units should be checked to see if they are working properly and cleaned as well. High and low dusting includes wiping blinds, doors and walls.

Take care of the floors

Divide the floors according to their cleaning needs. There are those that need scrubbing, stripping or just simply mopping. Start with the difficult areas that require a lot of work and finish by thoroughly mopping the entire floor area.

Clean carpets and mats

Take out all of the carpets and rugs to be cleaned thoroughly with water pressure. They need time to dry up and can then be deodorized.

Have the best janitorial team

It is vital that the cleaning team knows what they are doing. Hire Cleaning Command to ensure your school is cleaned fully as well as efficiently. This is a good time to go green and introduce environmental friendly cleaning products, also offered by Cleaning Command. We can even assist you in executing a cleaning register and/or schedule for the next term.

Cleaning during the summer ensures the school is ready for use when it opens. There will be fewer distractions to the students, and the environment will be at its most ideal for learning.