Touchpoint cleaning services in both your home and your workplace have hugely increased over the years and our team of professional cleaners at the Cleaning Command are proud to offer this service in our janitorial cleaning services or our one time cleaning visits!

What is touchpoint cleaning and sanitization?

So where should you start? Check out our top touchpoint cleaning checklist below!

Door handle touchpoint


  • Door handles – this one is an obvious. Everyone in a workplace is constantly moving around and entering and exiting different spaces, but do you clean the exterior door handle that comes into the main building? Even though it’s outside, this is the first place each individual reaches for when coming to work. Make sure to get this easy to miss spot! 
  • Light switches – if you’re the first one in the office, this is one of the first few things that you reach for. Especially in communal spaces, lights are getting turned off and on all day, and it’s important to clean these services throughout the day.
  • Alarm systems – this is another location that most people miss when completing touchpoint cleaning services. The first few items that people typically think of are door handles, desk phones, and bathrooms, but each day the alarm system has the potential to be activated and deactivated by not only your team, but people who come in after hours as well. 
  • Clock in and out boards – this is a space that every team member will go to each day, and depending on their role in your workplace they may go to this multiple times. It’s important to get this entire area as cross-contamination can potentially be at an all time high here. 
  • Office chairs and desks – though you think that you may be the only person touching your chair, you may be wrong. Especially in a communal space or a property where desks are close to each other, other team members have the potential to move your chair out of the way or take a quick seat if chatting with a nearby member. Make sure to add this to your touchpoint cleaning checklist! 
  • Phone systems – this one should be an obvious item on your touchpoint cleaning list. Being so close to your nose and mouth, phones have the tendency to be subjected to the most germs and bacteria. Make sure to use a disinfectant or sanitizing wipe on your phone system multiple times a day, especially if you share this phone. 
  • Printers, administrative systems, and communal meeting places – again, this is one of the most important places to use a touchpoint cleaner on. Everyone in a workplace at one time or another will go to this location to either pick something up or complete a task. Cross contamination can be a huge factor here which is why it is crucial to complete a thorough cleaning to limit the spread of germs and bacteria. 
  • Bathrooms – though these should be cleaned on a regular basis as it is, the touchpoints in an office’s communal bathrooms should definitely be added to the list. Door handles, light switches, taps, and paper towel dispensers should be your main focus in this location.

If you’re looking for the best commercial touchpoint cleaner, the proper areas to use sanitizing wipes, or are interested in learning more about our touchpoint cleaning procedure, make sure to reach out to one of our lead cleaners at the Cleaning Command! We would be happy to provide you with some more information on the proper cleaning methods or create a custom cleaning package for your workplace. 


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