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With the importance of the health and safety of employees, clients, and customers at the front of employer’s minds, so is the need to know that properties have been thoroughly cleaned. One of the ways to protect those that enter your property is with touchpoint cleaning services.

Health officials identify “Touchpoints” as surfaces that come into frequent contact by multiple people.

The Cleaning Command’s professional Touchpoint cleaning service reduces the rate of infection in your office, thereby reducing the amount of sick days taken, promoting productivity and improving staff morale. This is particularly critical during the flu season. Keep your team healthy and happy this year by providing them a safe work environment. Call our team of professional cleaners at the Cleaning Command in Edmonton today!

Using proven and safe germicidal products, combined with best practices recommended by the healthcare system, The Cleaning Command’s experienced and professional cleaners will disinfect:

  • Door knobs, push plates, and handles
  • Entrances
  • Light switches
  • Hand railings
  • Telephones
  • Elevator surfaces
  • Desks and counters
  • Waiting rooms and foyer surfaces
  • Restroom sinks, faucets, and hand dryers
  • Break rooms

Did you know? The average person touches over 300 surfaces every 30 minutes. Think about the moment that you walk into work. You touch the door handle, the light switch, your sign in and out board, your chair, desk, computer, phone, pens, notepad, lunch, fridge handle, stair rails, and so on. On a regular everyday basis, these surfaces collect their fair share of germs and bacteria, but they usually do not make us sick. When all those surfaces are touched by someone with the flu or a virus, however, they become a possible source of infection of people who touch that same surface later

Touchpoint surfaces in your office or commercial property are one of the primary sources of cross-contamination. Bacteria and viruses persist on surfaces for a surprisingly long period of time. The influenza virus, for example, can live from two to seventy-eight hours after being deposited on a surface, ready and able to infect the next person who touches it. Our Edmonton touchpoint commercial cleaning service stops germs in their tracks by sanitizing surfaces that are frequently touched.

Touchpoint cleaning is a standard part of our professional service offerings for our commercial clients. We commonly work with property managers and building owners to discuss the exact professional cleaning services that you require, and the areas that need extra attention. After going over your exact needs, our team at the Cleaning Command will be able provide you with a free quote for your cleaning services, and discuss if you’re looking for a one time clean or are looking to schedule recurring touchpoint surface cleanings.

Are you ready for a healthier work environment? Take a look at our services and choose the one that best suits your needs. Don’t see what you need? Call us! All of our services are completely customizable to ensure you get the deep cleaning when and where you need it.

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