Every morning when you get ready for work, you pick an outfit that will give people a good impression of you and show off your unique personality.

When you visit a client, or meet a new supplier you want to make a good first impression.  No matter how good your job knowledge, or expertise, without that good first impression you are starting out with a handicap.

Unfortunately many business owners and office managers make the mistake of not using the same “Good First Impression” ideal with their office or retail space.

Employees tend to get used to or comfortable with their workspace and don’t always pick up on many of the things that customers and clients see as soon as they come into the space.  Like a shabby or worn out sports jacket dirty or smudged glass in the office entryway draws attention, and not the good kind.  Dirty carpets, dull worn floors tend to make the entire office seem old and worn out.  Dust on desks and bookshelves tells a clients that there is not a lot of attention to detail going on in the space.

Now I don’t know about you but I have to ask; if you’re not paying attention to your stuff, how much are you going to be paying attention to my stuff?

Any retail or office space needs full time professional cleaning.  Having staff clean floors and washrooms just doesn’t work.

It may be cheaper than paying for full time cleaners, but the results are not the same. Not only do professional cleaners like The Cleaning Command, have the time and equipment, they also have the products and expertise to do it properly.  Professional cleaners do little things like using environmentally friendly and natural products, colour coding the cleaning cloth so you don’t use the same cloth to clean both the toilet and the reception counter.  Sanitizing those areas that everyone touches, like door handles, light switches and countertops.

Remember that ensuring your office or retail space makes a good first impression is as important and the first impression you make.