Believe it or not, like many other service industries, we always try to become and to stay invisible. The last thing we want is to be seen or noticed.
The number one rule in our industry is that “you only get noticed when you are not doing your job”.

If the lights are working, and the water is flowing properly, you never think of the electrician or the plumber. If they did their job properly you won’t see the wires or the pipes and everything will work properly. But if the lights don’t work, or there is a water leak in the bathroom then the first person you want is the tradesman.

Janitorial services are the same. If we are cleaning up the mess in the locker room, if the sinks in the bathroom are always clean, and the floor in the office is vacuumed you don’t even think about us, you don’t even know we are around. But if we aren’t doing our job, then everyone in the office notices, and they notice right away.

So for us, we practice daily to become invisible. We don’t want you to think about us, or to look for us, and there is really only one way to do that. We need to do our jobs professionally and well. We need to ensure that whatever duties the job entails, we get them done correctly and on time. We have to be good at what we do and we have to be consistent. If we do the job well everyday but Friday, then Monday you will be thinking about us and that’s something we don’t want.

Sure, everyone will pick up on something once in a while. That’s just human nature, but it has to be once in a while or we aren’t doing our job. Our mission is to be unnoticed, to get our job done so well that you and your staff don’t even notice that the cleaning is being done. Instead a clean, neat well maintained work place should be the norm.
So the next time you look to hire a janitorial service, think about hiring one that can become invisible.

Thanks for listening.